Welcome to Sweden by Horse - Kinnekullebygdens ridupplevelser!

Swedish history, Swedish nature, Swedish food and Swedish horses along with the amenities of accommodation or just a riding experience for the day. For your wellbeing!

Riding a horse in the Kinnekulle area is a true experience. You just relax, put your trust in the horse and enjoy the view - either it is a flowery meadow or the stunning scenery of Lake Vänern.
Kinnekullebygdens Ridupplevelser will give you the choice of three riding experiences
- the one with the Middle Ages as the theme
- the one with our lovely nature as the theme
- and the longest stay with riding, meals and the surroundings of Kinnekulle

Both of these rides are conducted in small groups with a maximum of eight riders, in order to ensure good contact with our knowledgeable and experienced guide.

You may enjoy the rides separately as one day tours or as a package with full board and accommodation.

All the horses are of a north Swedish breed which is one of the two original Swedish horse breeds and they are all highly suitable for cross-country riding. They are 150-158 centimetres high and they all have their own different personalities, which we try to match to your needs.

The Middle Ages riding tours go to the church of Forshem which are featured in the books about the Knights Templar Arn Magnusson written by Jan Guillou. The ride is conducted with an experienced guide very familiar with the Middle Ages who will take good care of you. You will be riding in clothes inspired by the Middle Ages and the food served in Forshem, will be similar to the one served during that time.

You will see places that you might have read about in the books and you will gain knowledge about plants and food, as well as clothes and pottery from this time. All this in combination with an unforgettable ride through an enchanting nature. The ride to Forshem
does not require any previous riding experience.

Price: SEK 1100

The Nature trail tours are conducted with an experienced riding instructor where the main point is to ride in harmony with your horse in various type of terrain through an enchanting nature.

Nature trail tour, two days

Our lovely North Swedish horses used to cross-country riding will take you through woods, across meadows, along narrow roads and paths in the forest. We will be riding in walking pace, trotting and galopping and there will opportunities to bathe with the horses if you like to. After six hours in the saddle with a break for lunch, we will pitch a camp for the night and enjoy a tasteful dinner. If the weather allows, we will put our sleeping bags straight on the ground under the open sky. If the weather is not that good, we will arrange to sleep with a roof over the head.

Day two may begin with a dip in the lake Vänern for the brave ones before breakfast and another day of fantastic adventures with our horses through the lovely nature.

20-21 may and 6-7 august

Price SEK 3000 with full board, coffee/tea and sleeping-bags

The Nature trail tour, one day

You can also chose to ride these tours separately as a one day tour and that includes something to eat. These tours can be arranged for both experienced riders and for those without prior riding experience.

Price from SEK 500

The most beautiful trekking tour

We ride across Salen, down Prinsessbacken (Princess Hill) and through the large quarry at Kinnekulle. We let the horses loose in a field near Säteriet (the Manor) while we explore this lovely place. Lunch will be served in either the Orangery or the garden. Afterwards we take a stroll in the park which has one of the longest flower beds of perennials in Sweden with a fantastic display of gorgeous flowers. Should "Butiken på landet" (the Countryside boutique) be open during our visit, you may want to have look at the clothes for sale there or you may prefer to see the art exhibition in the green house.

Returning back home we will ride over the highest point of Kinnekulle with fantastic views, weather permitting.

The trekking tour takes approximately 7 hours of which 4 hours are riding.

This tour demands that you are accustomed to all three paces.

There are no set dates for this tour. Give us a call and we will arrange a date for you.

Price: 1300 SEK including lunch, beverages, coffee and cake

You are very welcome


Maria Lundberg
Gräppatorp Gössäter
Mobile: +46 (0)70-552 61 23
Email: info@ridupplevelser.com